Valentine Graphic Novel

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The collected edition of the online comic Valentine that I worked on with Alex De Campi. This book collects the first 10 episodes.

Because I received a VERY large number of contributor copies, I am selling them here for half of what you will pay in the comic book store.

Manga Sized, 300+ pages
All books will be signed, but interior sketch is extra.

"“Valentine” delivers a nice balance of action and horror, without going over the top. The swordplay sequences, such as when Valentine slashes everyone around him, are always aimed for excitement, rather than shock value. De Campi and Larsen take the hero quest up a notch, adding time travel and horror to the fantasy genre. With a great starting point, Valentine’s continuing journey has the potential to build to an epic status."
-Bloody Disgusting

"Christine Larsen’s artwork is absolutely stunning and, perhaps out of necessity, incredibly versatile. The dark, violent, grotesque scenes are like something out of a Poe poem or a Burton film; the bright, fantastic realm is reminiscent of Simonson’s classic Mighty Thor run. The colors are rich; the pencils/inks simple. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful book."
- Talking Comics